Men have a high limit for most things, yet when young ladies acquaint them with their looooooong rundown of details, that is the point at which their brains begin to surrender. From recalling the date of the first occasion when they held your hand to the particulars of your sandwich; intricacies, fits, requests, and discovering the contrast between different shades of the same shading, are never a gentleman thing.

This video by Shitty Ideas Trending is a light tackle how a young lady gives umpteen insights about what she needs and doesn’t need in her sub. What’s more, how everything closures… Well, whatever I can say is that men, your emotions have been comprehended.

Women pride themselves on how non-fussy they are!… But, is that really true? well, definitely not in the case of Shalini!
Watch how she nitpicks even the smallest of things.. and tell us if you have also experienced what poor Ashwin does!