Let’s spice things up a bit and add a little more jazz to your awesome yet irritating, loving yet annoying, caring yet crazy relationship. So, today we have divided your relationship into different flavours. Read on and find out yours!.

1. Chocolate

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You guys have a smooth relationship like white chocolate which melts in your mouth and like dark chocolate, sometimes you guys get extremely bitter to each other but in the end like dark chocolate leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, even after your fights you love each other to bits.

2. Strawberry

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You guys love mush but also like some tartness in your connection. You both resemble the smooth transition of turning from friends to lovers, just like the luscious side of strawberry. Your flavour resembles the colour of love and you’re obviously doing strawberry justice.

3. Jalapeno

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You don’t fit the “couple” category. The two of you keep breaking stereotypes that surround couple-y stuff by creating a unique love of your own. Not being bothered about conventions, you two keep experimenting with different aspects of your relationship to add more fun to the dynamics. That’s kind of like jalapeno which is totally wacky in its flavour.

4. Vanilla

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While the world may find plain stuff too main stream, the two of you are snug and happy about being simply in love. Yours is the classic love story, with proposals, dates and flowers. The two of you resemble the never-going-out-of-style vanilla flavour.

5. Green Apple

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Your pair is a total weirdo. You have this random, eccentric vibe and the two of you dig it. Your love is less about romance and more about being the best of friends. You’ll have your own vocabulary and can complete each other’s sentences. You both are goofy, laughter-addicted and absolutely and proudly bat-shit crazy.

6. Blueberry

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The couple who have this flavoured relationship like a bit of both, fire and calm, storms and chill. Just like the
tricky blueberry, the two of you want it all. You want the love and you also want the passion. You ain’t settling just for one slice of the pie, especially when you could devour the whole thing because you know you are that awesome and deserve it.

What flavour is your relationship?. Let us know in the comments!.