In the event that you tune into your most loved news channels, you’ll see that there’s atleast one discussion that is going on based on Hindus and Muslims. And regardless of whether they start with something on games or the climate, it’ll some way or another discover its way to a heated discussion on the two religious groups. In any case, here’s the kicker. When you go out face to face, you don’t see the sort of rift these journalists are endeavoring to depict. So, what’s the truth?

In a short but sweet Facebook post, Delhi gir Sania Ahmad simply gave an example about how Hindus and Muslims live in her area. And the answer was clear as day. The hatred existed only in those TV screens and not on the streets.
In her facebook post, she said, “I live in the predominantly Muslim area of Jamia Nagar in Delhi. There are a few Hindu families that live near my house though. In an area of mosques every few kilometers, there is a small temple for these families here. Nowadays, because of Navratras, the temple plays bhajans all day. However, during each of the azaans, they pause the bhajans. On the other side, the Muslim meat shops near their houses put up a black curtain and sell their wares discreetly from behind it during these 9 nights, in respect of their fast and sentiments.
The beauty of peaceful co-existence! Sigh!”

Sania’s post was well received on social media and it looked like everyone learnt a very important lesson about co-existence. Let’s see what peoplehad to say about Sania’s Post.








As time goes by, the level of discourse among the so-called educated classes are becoming dirtier and dirtier. That’s why before it infects our lives, we need to show them that we aren’t willing to be shaped by their hypocrisies. Instead, we can share, compromise and love each other for the sake of a more peaceful India.