People have been always divided on this topic whether being high is effective or not but there seems not a single correct answer for it differs for each individual but the list of common things that happen usually with all goes here:

1.Work becomes worship

ecause you really look forward to work throughout the day to say it was my day

2.Tongue runs out of your mouth

When you are high you tend to increase the slippage of tongue more than the normal since you seem to have really less control on what you speak when high.

3.Instant BFFs

Finding out that your colleague is equally high as you creates a very special bond between the two and guess what you just earned a best friend by fate

4.Test of acting skills

It’s the time that makes you realize the importance of  your acting skills because you have to pretend being normal when you are actually way to high!!

5.Energy explosion

Being high makes you a lot more energetic than you normally are suddenly you have the energy to do anything and everything.

6.Excitement for lunch

7.Monotony of clock hands

When you are high you feel energetic but not for long and the situation turns other way round because you get drained out soon and that’s the time you feel that the clock is not moving..

8.People really have strong nostrils

Meetings are always awkward and in case it’s a one on one meeting with your boss when you are high really makes the situation sensitive.

10. Sudden time travel

Being high allows you to transcends to another world in your dreams but no sooner you are kicked hard to realityby your boss, colleagues or a customer.

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