Every one of us have a few ladies in our lives who’ve made an enduring impression. Some of them may be a piece of your families, some may be companions you’ve made along the way, some may simply be outsiders you’ve gone out and about. What’s more, a few minutes we’ve imparted to them that are simply instilled in our psyches until the end of time.

It could be the first occasion when you saw your mom putting on kajal, or when your nani cooked your most loved dish and you viewed from on top of the counter. The shade of your sister’s wedding lehenga or the mehendi on your closest companion’s palm. There are only a few things that will dependably help you to remember them on the grounds that those ladies have left an engraving on you. This video by Craftsvilla praises ladies in all their greatness. It’s hypnotizing and just wonderfully shot with such enthralling hues! In the event that watching this doesn’t raise your very own few recollections, we’d be exceptionally astounded!