Planning a wedding in India can be a hectic affair. If you think that it only gives jitters to the bride and the groom, think again. Weddings require a lot of planning and a backup plan when the initial arrangements fail. From getting the dresses ready to checking the stage decorations, the families may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of responsibilities that they have to handle. On the wedding night, it is essential that the stage should be decorated lavishly as the scenery has to be set right for a perfect fairytale wedding to take place. To help you choose the right decoration for your wedding stage, we have come up with a list of ideas that you can happily adopt:

1. Flowers and Lights

A favourite of most wedding decorators in India, a stage decorated by natural flowers and lit by fairytale lights gives a wedding a heavenly feel. You just cannot root out the flowers which give a soft, light feel to the stage and the bright colours envelope the stage with vibrant energy. And we all know that there is nothing more beautiful than nature’s beauty! Let the flowers bloom amidst an aura of beautiful white or yellow lights and make it a Cinderella story come true.

2. Golden Glow

You probably know that gold is associated with prosperity and auspicious beginnings. It also oozes out other-worldly charm where we have always imagined the knights and fairies live. A central stage held by fake pillars embellished in gold polish will automatically turn your wedding into a royal affair. Gold has an aura of abundance and royalty that no other colour can stand up to. 

3. White Shine

The colour white symbolises purity and calmness and that’s just what a new relationship needs. Besides the symbolic function, doesn’t white always remind us of the eloquent wedding ceremonies that we have been seeing in fairytale books and cartoons all our lives?? Even the heaven is shown flowing on white clouds and the bride, dressed up in white, never looked less than an angel on earth. How about a stage that gives you just the feeling that it has come out of a fairytale? That’s just what we thought. The colour truly has the power to turn any setting into a surreal affair. We hope it does just the same for you!

4. Satin Shimmers

Satin decoration is perfect for you if you believe in the ‘less is more’ philosophy. While satin decoration is simple and elegant, the rich texture of the cloth, when elegantly draped around the stage, leaves little work to be done. Its beautiful feel automatically gains attention. So, lighten up the stage with a beautiful pattern of satin and you always have a choice to make your own combinations.

5. Drapes and Hangings

Try out the very contemporary style of stage decoration which centres on choosing beautiful drapes to cover the stage and elevating the effect by choosing the right hangings. You can go a step further and cover the drapes in the right places with lights and flowers. Beautiful lamp lights and glass hangings steal just about all the hearts around. The effect that they give out is ethereal.
Wedding arrangements give the families more sleepless nights than the sleepless nights that the couple has to spend. You can hire a wedding decorator to help you with the wedding preparations and make your head lighter. While you get bust with your work, remember that it is a period of fun and frolic which you just can’t afford to miss. So, go, get your own fairytale ready!

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