There is a gulf of difference between life at home and life in a hostel. You become independent and learn a lot of stuff while living in the hostel. Along with learning, you enjoy hell lot of things , especially if you are in a girls hostel. You make a lot many friends and do much more things.
Here are few things that happen in every girls hostel:

1. Trying new hairstyles

Trying new hairstyles


Girls love trying such stuff, especially when they get a huge company.

2. Bitching about each other

Bitching about each other


This is a very common thin to happen at a place where too many girls live together.

3. Melodramas and Cat fights

Melodramas and Cat fights


Along with bitching, girls love to do melodramas and cat fights are but obvious.

4. Partying with booze

Partying with booze


Once every week, booze time is celebrated.

5. Wearing each others clothes

Wearing each others clothes


It is soo much fun to try each others clothes every time.

6. Selfie time

Selfie time


Taking selfies is the best time pass to kill boredom.


7. Stalking cute guys on facebook

Stalking cute guys on facebook


8. Relationship advises

Relationship advises


There are many people ready with the advises each  time someone experiences a break-up.

9. Complaining about the mess food

Complaining about the mess food


Complaining has to be there each time….even if the food is delicious.

10. Decorating rooms and making it prettier

Decorating rooms and making it prettier


11. Birthday surprises

Birthday surprises

There are plans and surprises ready each time .

12. Dancing sessions

Dancing sessions


Girls are ever ready for this.

13. Talking on phone for long hours

Talking on phone for long hours


Be it boyfriend or college friend or best friend…..

14. Midnight hunger pangs

Midnight hunger pangs


There is a lot of midnight ordering.

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