We always someone or the other in our life but having the same person in every phase of our life is a big  boon and if you have got this in your life you are more blessed than many others but it’s BETTER to be aware of the truth before it’s too late.

Be sure with these signs that tell if he is really into you and delay no more!

1.Adjustment for your happiness

Someone who really loves to you will not mind to make adjustments to see u happy in fact they even to go to the height ofmaking sacrifices to see you happy.

2.You are part of future plans

If he is genuinely in love with you he will always see the future with you and it would never be me but we.

3.Reveling your secret qualities

The one who is interested in you will see you as flawless while the rest of the world is busy finding faults so if he tells you your secret qualities he’s the Mr. right you have been waiting for.

4.He doesn’t shy showing his teeth

Not only tears but laughter too is very personal and it is always shared with special people so when he laughs with you with wide mouth open he is definitely comfortable with you more than you think.

5.He is spellbound while interaction

If he keeps admiring you while you are speaking it means he has fallen for you completely and I suggest you acknowledge this soon before it’s too late.

6.His touch is gentle and not creepy

He softly touches you without making you feel uncomfortable though he wants to lie next to you but slowly taking time when you want it too; rather than forcing things upon you in a hurry shows that he is really a gentle man.

7.He is punctual to texts and calls

No matter how busy or far he is; he never fails to mark his presence with his calls and messages which indicates his concern and sincerity.

8.He is accessible 24*7

Being available 24*7 might sound impossible but being accessible is not and if he is there for you now at every moment then he is truly hoping to be there in future too.

9.He shuffles towards you when you talk

After affection the next important is attention and if  he gives full attention to what you say he will lean forward towards you when you speak to him.

10.He is ready and interested in everything of your taste

You might have different tastes but willing to do things that are against his taste just to please and accompany you is the sweetest gesture of all because it really takes a lot to forgo your interest for the sake of others.

Image Courtesy : Giphy