Recently Radhika Apte Impress Everyone with her Brilliant Performance in her Netflix Series such as Lust Stories, Ghoul, Sacred Games, and after seeing Radhika in back to back series, People started noticing it; however, few started trolling Netflix with hilarious memes.

Yesterday, we even saw how Netflix and Radhika were being trolled on Twitter. Social media was filled with GIFs and memes about their relation.

Today, even Zomato joined the brand trolling league and tried to trolling Netflix by tweeting that not only Radhika but even Paneer is versatile. Zomato listed down few dishes having Paneer. Here’s that tweet

Well, this is indeed a very creative tweet. It caught Netflix’s attention and they couldn’t resist them self from giving an apt reply. Netflix spotted alphabets of Radhika in Zomato’s tweet and said that she is omnipresent.

Netflix also gave her attention by tweeting about Padman.

This is not it, the company even changed the name of its Instagram account to “Just another Radhika fan account”