On first look, the trailer for Yash Raj Films‘ new Youtube series, Man’s Reality, looks like simply one more feature arrangement, with farces and satires that we’re so used to seeing and, as a rule, disregarding. In any case, in the event that you really connect to and watch the complete feature, you’ll turn out cheerfully amazed, much the same as we were.

The feature presents an exceptionally relatable Kiran, who looks like the numerous butt holes we manage on a normal premise. You realize that gentleman from work, who supposes the world is uncalled for to men? Then again the metro/transport co-suburbanite irritated at the saved seats, or that troll from Facebook “battling” against ‘Femi-nazis’ (despite everything we don’t realize what that implies)? In any case, on account of a somewhat clever intercession by the Divine beings, his reality experiences a noteworthy part inversion, along these lines, giving him an essence he could call his own astringent pharmaceutical.

The arrangement will go live on September 29th and we’re anticipating it avidly. We’re trusting we can utilize this feature arrangement to close down the Kirans of our lives, whenever they go on a uninfomed raving spree against woman’s rights.

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