By Aditya Priyadarshi:

Brand IIT has become synonymous with lacking social skills, being awkward with the opposite sex and obviously, being the polar opposite of ‘sexy’ and ‘attractive’. And I have seen people suffer due to this stereotype a lot. A freshman coming to the institute has high hopes for life, but by the time he (and I am not using a gender neutral pronoun because, well, the sex ratio here doesn’t let us use that!) has suffered enough ‘rejections’ because of this stereotype to remain constrained in a cocoon.

The tag of ‘nerd’ just because you excel at something is devoid of all sensibility.

The idea here was to break a long prevailing perception that IITians are a unilateral breed, concerned with only academics and science.

Through the video, we have tried to break the same stereotype, albeit in a funny manner because hey, people see what makes them feel good; and unless they see something there’s no point trying to give any message.