Learn how to make a positive impact at work and help facilitate a better company culture by following these 12 tips.

1. The Committed

He throws his life into his work–especially if his office makes it easy to never go home. A high-tech, perk-filled workplace helps keep him motivated.

2. The Higher Purpose

He wants his work to make a difference in the lives of others. A simple paycheck won’t cut it; show him how his time at your company serves the greater good.

3. The “Mal-contented”

He’d rather grumble here than go elsewhere. Nothing you do makes him happy–and if you’re not careful, he’ll drag your other employees down with him.

4. The Bottom Line

She’s not getting paid what she’s worth and thinks the benefits are awful. Maybe you can’t afford to keep her motivated–but trying to replace her could be even more expensive.

5. The Old Fashioned

He’d be happy to stay with your company for his whole career if you offer him the right opportunities to grow. Are you doing everything you can to cultivate and retain him?

6. The Millennial

She’s more motivated than she might appear. Workplace flexibility matters; so does an employer that’s committed to more than just profit.

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