The trailer of Aparna Sen’s next film Sonata is out and, man, it’s amazing. An account of three unmarried ladies, their lives and the men in their lives – this is what really matters to this film. It catches the genuine embodiment of companionship between three ladies and shows how a few bonds are surely until the end of time. With Shabana Azmi, Aparna Sen and Lilette Dubey as leads, the motion pictures looks super encouraging. It depends on a play by an indistinguishable name from the film and in the wake of watching its trailer, we just can hardly wait to watch this one on the wide screen. Thus, young ladies, hit play, watch the trailer and keep in mind to impart it to your besties.

Aparna Sen is ready with her latest directorial venture Sonata, based on the play by the same name by Mahesh Elkunchwar. Sonata is the psychological exploration of three unmarried women namely Aruna Chaturvedi (Professor), Dolon Sen (Banker) and Subhadra Parekh (journalist) played by Aparna Sen, Shabana Azmi and Lillete Dubey respectively. Set in the recent contemporary past, it is about 3 friends, their lives, ups and downs, the men in their lives and a twist in the tale. It is a subtle, cosmopolitan, contemporary, film on women and the uncertainties of life, based in an urban scape.

Video Source:H K Studios