For every guy out there who can’t wait to get married, here’s a message – It’s not all rainbows and butterflies! There’s a whole lot of shit that you might have to go through and if you’re man enough to take it all that, only then consider the holy bond of matrimony!

If you’re single, watch this video uploaded by Shitty Ideas Trending to get a heads-up of what you will eventually sign up for! If you’re are in a relationship, well, watch this video just to feel a little more miserable about yourself!
What is the most important in your life. Is it a person? Is it a thing? Or is it hands down your wife? Can you guess what is the most important for Ashwin? Well, no prizes for guessing this one!
Watch what happens when Shalini comes back home and finds Ashwin glued to the phone in this hilarious episode of SIT’s Men The Real Victims – WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?