Work on Yourself


I’ve learned that the best way to succeed at being in your next relationship is to take time to yourself. It’s taking time and being honest with yourself in the mirror. We all carry scars from the past. We all have been through certain trials with people that were designed to break us and make us never believe in love again.

But when you take time to yourself so that you can work on letting your scars heal and deal with issues you have when it comes to love, you give yourself and the next person you are with the best chance at succeeding.

Relationships have a good way of exposing the work that we neglected to do on ourselves. They have a good habit of exposing the cracks and weaknesses in the areas we worked on the least after our last few breakups.

This is why it is extremely important to make sure that you are completely whole and happy with yourself first before trying to be happy with someone else. Continue working on you. You’ll know when you are ready when the
person feels right and when the moment feels right.

Source: woodtheinspiration
Preview photo credit: Haley Shefield