Truly, we live in the cutting edge innovation and digitisation however have you at any point halted to consider the indecencies it has presented us to? Have you at any point pondered the way that there is no escape from the web of informal communities we jump at the chance to live in?

There is no getting away from the vanity and there is no getting away from phony, deceitful killjoys who are holding up to misuse the blameless, guised under their cover of obscurity. I’m taking a gander at you, women. Indeed, sadly, today is another of those days.


Namya Baid, a blogger from Chennai, as of late needed to confront the brunt of such a difficulty and it’s nightmarish. She even took to Facebook to share her predicament and it’s an absolute necessity read for every one of the girls out there.

Girls, and everyone around.

This is something serious. I don’t want anyone to go through this. So please please be careful before attending any calls. Recently I had started applying for jobs and a friend passed my contacts to people he knew. Someone called me and claimed to be from Air France (+91 73566 88358) and the moment I started finding it fishy, I kept the call recording on.

He claimed to be from Air France and asked basic questions. Then my height, weight. It was fine till that. But then he asked my chest size and waist size. Then he said this was first round, now someone will call for a second round. He called at 5:20 and went till 5:55 where he explained the various rounds, job description and what not.

At 6, he itself called for the second round (he said another person will, but he himself did). And then said I’ll have a WhatsApp video call. Asked me to be alone in a room so that no one’s there to help me. Asked me the colour of my shirt and pants.

He himself called me on video call with the number +919495771521 claiming to be another person (Dr Manish Rao, he mentioned) and then on video call, he asked me to show my height and weight. He asked me to show my tattoos. He asked to then show my stomach, I was uncomfortable and denied doing so. He asked me to wear a t-shirt and do so. Then he asked me to take off my innerwear but keep my shirt on and stuffs.

He clearly mentioned that my nipple bulge is to be seen. I found it weird. Cut the call.

And I again got a call from the previous number and he acted like he’s a different person and said that the doctor told him I’m uncomfortable.

My friend was with me throughout and both of us could easily find that the voice was same and when we questioned about it, he changed the thing and cut the call.

Today, when I confronted him, he tells me things like “what he recorded on call was enough”, “Namya, you’re gone.”

For a fact, I know that there’s nothing he can do because I didn’t do anything he asked on the call.

Girls, take this as a lesson and please please please be safe.