Women are discriminated against and harassed repeatedly. Unspoken specific norms are there to keep a tab on the actions of a female and the moment she intends to deviate, titles such as ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘bitch’ are attached to their personalities in a flash. Until when shall we women have to suffer such humiliation? Until when shall our choices be governed by social stigma?

It’s time for a change and New Delhi Researcher, Shruti Ambast is one of the women who have initiated it. In a Facebook post, she vent out about some of the very important things that keep a woman bidden in the form of a poem.

Bras offend
So do breasts
And what do you know?
So does a flat chest,
Skirts are a no-no
Because legs are bare
Jeans bhi mat pehno
Because legs are there,
What about a long skirt?
Dilemma, yaar!
(Brb, consulting my book of sanskaars)
What if I cover myself
From head to toe?
*cough* secularism *cough* security *cough*
Sorry. But no.
Enough! I renounce clothing
From now I will be nude
No way! What do you think you are –
A dude?