Margaret Manning is the author of the online magazine Syxty and me for women over 60. Her publication has introduced really great women to the world, and they have told about their lives. Recently, Margaret decided to unite the efforts of all the participants of the project in order to formulate their wishes to young women.


-Remember that your life is not a dress rehearsal…it’s a premiere!

-Accept your age-related changes with grace. Be yourself.

-Try to always think positively and look for something good in any life situation.

-Live each day fully, because nobody knows what’s around the corner.

-Remember that your life can be turned upside down in an instant.

-Age is only a number that doesn’t define who you are.

-Live in the moment.

-Get outdoors and go for a walk.

-Find a hobby you enjoy. It will help to vary your daily routine.

-Always be honest with yourself. It’s quite difficult, but it will work in your favor.

-Forget about society’s stereotypes about aging.

-Don’t worry about getting older; worry about being boring.

-Everyone gets old, and it doesn’t matter whether we’re afraid of this or not. Just live!

-Never stop seeking inspiration.

-Life is a simple thing, but living it can be hard sometimes. Learn, read, travel.

-Buy classic clothes. Classic is always in style.

-Don’t waste your money on shoes: men don’t look at your feet anyway, they look at your knees.

-Stop hoarding, and get rid of the useless stuff.

-Treasure the simple things, and don’t make your life complicated.

-Love and treat your family the way you want them to treat you.

-Love sincerely and selflessly.

-Have children when you really want them — there is never a perfect time.

-Sympathize not only with others but with yourself as well.

-Take more pictures. Some people will leave, but the pictures will stay with you forever.

-Learn to forgive.

-Let go of your anger and resentments, and let only positive emotions stay with you.

-Keep an eye on your circle of close friends, and don’t let the wrong people in there. It’s very important.

-Treasure your family. They will always be there for you and will always help, no matter what.

-Don’t ever go to sleep if you are angry with yourself or with someone else.

-Tell your close friends and family that you love them as often as possible.

-You will blossom after your 30s. Appreciate your beauty.

-Don’t waste your time on worrying about things you can’t change.

-Get out of a bad relationship — you can’t change another person.

-Take care of your skin. Smile more!

-Trust your intuition.

-Don’t talk badly about yourself. And don’t even think like this.

-Don’t take everything to heart, and stop being so serious with yourself.

-Don’t aspire to perfection. Be unique.

-Let your child be your teacher sometimes.

-Be a warrior. Learn to be resourceful and independent.

-Never let fear get the upper hand.

-Always progress — mentally, physically, and spiritually.

-Treasure the positives of aging — you get less responsibility and more freedom year by year.

-Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to do anything. Or too young.

-Don’t be afraid. It’s all gonna be all right here, in your 60s. Nature prepares us for each phase of life.

Author: Margaret Manning
Source: sixtyandme
Preview photo credit: shot from ’Family Hero’, Union Générale Cinématographique