Second hand smartphone

Some people are prepared to spend a lot of money on new smartphones; that’s why it’s worth buying second-hand for others. In stores for refurbished electronics, you can find high-quality second-hand devices at comparatively low prices. Even if your smartphone is second-hand, you can still enjoy the Limewin login.

A new smartphone every year? That is a Problem

A new smartphone every year—given the well-known environmental and human rights problems in the electronics industry, this seems a bit out of date. After all, smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc. contain raw materials whose extraction causes massive environmental disasters, often in countries where there are hardly any effective regulations to prevent this. At the same time, the raw materials are so valuable and their extraction so lucrative that armed conflicts have long since broken out over control of the mines. In parts of Africa in particular, cobalt, tungsten, tin, coltan, and gold mines are financing such conflicts.

Added to this are often undignified and dangerous working conditions, both in the extraction of raw materials and in the production of appliances – and high energy consumption in production. After use, huge mountains of e-waste are produced, which endanger the environment and the health of many people.

In short, there are many good reasons to limit your consumption of electronics – and to buy used rather than new. This not only conserves natural resources but also saves money. There is very little rational reason to buy new. 

Mobile Banking With the Smartphone

In the vast majority of cases, used smartphones work just as well and last just as long as new ones – and you save resources. 

Online stores for used and refurbished electronics have long offered a huge selection of smartphones, tablets, and laptops for all requirements. You can find top models that have only recently been purchased and have already been sold off, as well as basic devices that are several years old.

When buying a smartphone, it doesn’t have to be as new or trendy as possible – a decent camera, sufficient storage capacity, and a powerful battery are my main criteria. There is often a wide range of older models in particular. 

The Best Tips For Buying Second-Hand

With a few simple tips, you can get used smartphones and tablets particularly cheaply in stores such as Rebuy, Refurbed, Backmarket & Co.

  • Compare prices: If you are looking for a specific model, compare the offers in various online stores for used electronics. Used cell phones are not always bargains, but you should be able to save around 30 percent compared to the new price, sometimes up to 50 percent.
  • Store in reputable stores: The market for used IT is large – and used does not equal refurbished. Stick to trustworthy stores that really check and refurbish the devices professionally. How to recognize them: Either stick to our list of the best. Or, if in doubt, use the fake store finder from the consumer advice center.
  • Use filters cleverly: The range of refurbished smartphones on offer can seem overwhelming at first. Make sure you use the online store filters. For example, you can only display products from a certain year of manufacture, with a certain operating system, specific storage capacities, etc.
  • Speaking of memory: You can save a lot of money if a device with a medium memory capacity is sufficient for you. 
  • You can also save money if you don’t settle on one color: The same smartphone or tablet model can have significant price differences in different colors.
  • The visual condition of the device also influences the price: if you don’t mind minor signs of use, you will usually pay significantly less. Many stores allow you to filter by the condition of the device. External signs of use should not influence the technical performance.
  • If you already know that a new top smartphone is about to be launched on the market – such as a new Samsung or iPhone model – it may be worth waiting for it: you may then be able to get the previous model at a significantly lower price on refurbished platforms.
  • Don’t buy too old: At some point, there will no longer be any updates for old versions of operating systems or software – this can be frustrating or even dangerous. If you are considering an older model, find out about software updates in advance. Tip: To be on the safe side, stick to cell phone models that are no more than two to three years old.
  • Find out in advance about possible repairs and spare parts. For popular models, you may be able to get a cheap repair service or battery replacement sooner than for rarer models. Depending on the model, you may still be able to save money despite the possibility of replacing the battery.
  • Check the device as soon as you receive it: refurbished cell phones or tablets usually work perfectly and the battery still has plenty of capacity. However, be sure to check whether the display, all buttons, and all connections are working and, in the case of models with a removable battery, whether there are any signs of water damage (often indicated by red stickers). You should also check the speakers and camera, all connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS), and the fingerprint scanner.

If you find that something is wrong, you can return the device for two weeks without giving a reason. This is the legal right to cancel online purchases. Some refurbished portals voluntarily offer an even longer right of return.

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