While driving allows you an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility, it does come with certain risks. To minimize the chance of collision, it is imprortant to keep all safety equipment in top condition. Good tires, well-maintained brakes, working windshield wipers and excellent lighting all keep you safe while on the road. Something as simple as installing a new 2013 F150 headlight bulb helps you see better during night driving.

New lights, whether they are headlights, taillights or turning lights, are some of the least expensive and simplest fixes you can make to any vehicle. They also make a huge difference in your safety, protecting your vehicle from property damage as well as preventing injuries. These vital components typically cost just a few dollars and can be changed out in minutes. Make sure to check bulbs on a reguar basis:

  • Headlight 
  • Brake light 
  • Turn signal 
  • Fog light
  • License plate 
  • Back-up light

Increase Auto Safety

Headlights are arguably the most important feature on your vehicle when driving in low-light conditions. While one light out is cause for concern and could land you in hot water with the authorities, both headlights not working will quickly limit your options. This situation is much rarer than one light going out, so trouble-shooting the problem can be a little more complex. While it can be simpler to consult with your mechanic, if you have the time, inclination and tools you can get to the bottom of things yourself.

The problem could reside in one of four places: the bulbs, the fuses, the relays or the switches. Your owner’s manual will provide direction on checking the fuse for your make and model, and if you find the fuse is the issue, it is simply a matter of buying a new fuse and snapping it into place.

A faulty relay can sometimes be discovered with the jiggling of the pertinent wires and listening for a rattling sound. Discolored terminals and low lights not working while high beams do work are also indications of relay problems. More advanced electrical issues are sometimes involved in headlights not working.

Increases Visibility and Performance

Simply replacing a worn out bulb often doesn’t involve dealing with intricate manuevers with the headlight assembly apparatus. In most cases, you will need to pop the hood, reach in and remove the old light and place in the new bulb. There is some variety of access to the bulbs, but your owner’s manual will likely provide clear directions on replacement steps.

To make sure you can see when driving and that others can see you, bulb replacement should be done in specific circumstances: when the bulb no longer works, when physical damage has occurred impacting performance or when you desire an upgrade to a better bulb. if you are looking to enhance your vehicle, you can choose from incandescent, LED or halogen lights, or you can add running lights or fog lights for better performance.

Increase your safety margins whenever you are behind the wheel. Shop online now for a large selection of lighting equipment.

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