Becoming an aunt was one of the best things to happen. Here are some things I’ve discovered on this journey of “Aunthood”.

The first time a niece or nephew says “Auntie” (or something that sounds remotely like “Auntie,” or the name they will use to refer to us from then on), we know we are bonded forever.


You get to spoil them. What is your disposable income for if not buying that cute little face everything he asks for?


When you’re an aunt everything you do suddenly becomes cool to your niece/nephew. You could do something as simple as telling a joke and it suddenly becomes the funniest thing they ever heard. Everything you do is just ten times cooler in their eyes. Mom can’t get them to eat all their vegetables?


You get to do kid stuff again and not look like a creep. Why did you ever stop going on the swings? This is awesome!


You can push your own agenda on them, no matter what their parents’ are. Your brother is only buying your nieces pink toys? That’s nice. You’re getting them normal Barbie and gender-neutral Legos.


You don’t have to worry about the rules. Fun Aunt Alie would love to eat ice cream in footie pajamas at 10 p.m.!


Baking Grandma or Great-Auntie’s famous cookies together so they can taste the sweet love handed down from generation to generation.