This is a photo of an American football helmet next to a pile of money.

Even though the National Football League might not be as old as other sports organizations in the world, it still managed to pump up a few millionaires that made their fortune playing football games. Today, the NFL league is a billion-dollar organization where there are many franchises spending millions of dollars on players’ salaries.

We all know that professional NFL players are earning a lot of money with football, but which ones managed to earn the most through their careers?

Playing in the NFL has its advantages and disadvantages. Even though players earn a lot of money competing in the NFL, the average career is only about 3.3 years, which isn’t a lot when it comes to making money for the rest of the world. This leaves players with an option to invest the money they’ve earned from football into other businesses or maybe start their own.

So, while browsing the NFL odds for next season remember who are the wealthiest NFL stars that make up the line up of the teams.

NFL players with Highest Net Worth as of 2022

Professional NFL players are earning an average salary of around $2.7 million per year, which is not a lot considering the amount of money some of the NFL players own on this list. In most cases, the net worth of these athletes didn’t come from playing football professionally.

However, football is the main reason they got the opportunity to invest in other businesses and built their wealth.

So, in today’s article, we will highlight some of the wealthiest NFL stars that managed to accumulate the most amount of money until 2022.

Roger Staubach – $600 Million

Roger Staubach is without a doubt the richest person that ever got a chance to play in the NFL. His net worth is almost double that of any other player in the history of the sport. Even though he graduated from the Naval Academy, he decided to follow his football dream, which was one of his best choices.

He spent most of his professional career days playing for the Dallas Cowboys where he managed to win two Super Bowl titles and climb his way up to the Hall of Fame.

However, NFL wasn’t the primary reason that Staubach managed to acquire incredible wealth. In fact, Staubach’s net worth is accumulated through his incredibly successful real estate business. He founded the Staubach Company to pursue his commercial real estate dream. After many successful years, he managed to sell the company for $600 million.

Fran Tarkenton – $300 Million

Even though Fran Tarkenton is retired from professional football for more than 40 years, he still remains in the top ten of all time with touchdowns and passing yards earning him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, despite being one of the best quarterbacks ever in the history of the NFL, he managed to build his empire after retiring from the NFL.

Tarkenton founded his own software company – Tarkenton Software which became instantly successful He later sold his company for $70 million. Today, Tarkenton owns a couple of other companies including Tarkenton Teleconferencing and Tarkenton Financial.

Peyton Manning – $300 million

There is no need for an introduction for Peyton Manning as he is one of the most recognizable NFL players of all time. Throughout his flawless career, he managed to earn five NFL MVP awards, which is the most by any player of all time, and two Super Bowl rings with two different teams.

He is without a doubt the most talented quarterback ever to play in the NFL.

Manning retired from professional football in 2015, but despite being absent from professional competitions, he still manages to increase his net worth through different business ventures.

Since he is a popular icon in the NFL, most of his income comes from his media presence where he makes a lot of commercials for different companies such as Direct TV, and Papa John’s, and he even stars in ESPN originals. He also owns more than 20 Papa John’s franchise locations.

Tom Brady – $250 million

When we talk about the greatest NFL players of all time, Tom Brady should be on the top of this list, especially after considering all of his achievements from his still running professional NFL career. Tom Brady is without a doubt the greatest player in NFL history, and he is not done building his legacy on the field.

He currently holds the all-time record for a quarterback including touchdowns and passing yards and won three NFL MVP awards throughout his career. The most amazing thing about Tom Brady is that he managed to get seven Super Bowl Rings, which is the most out of all players by far.

Apart from being really successful in the world of professional football, Tom Brady has started a couple of really successful companies, such as 199 Productions, TB12 Methods, Autograph, and many other investments.

His net worth continues to rise, and after quitting professional football someday he will have even more time to spend as a businessman.

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