Online casino games

If you’re a newbie in the world of online gambling, you might be curious to know which online casino games are easiest to win. This makes total sense—after all, the objective is to win! Simply check out the list of online casino games discussed in this guide to find out more.

Online Slots

Hands down, online slots are the easiest to win.

This is a well-accepted fact in the online gambling community. Why? Because online slots with high RTPs tend to pay more than any other casino game.

Generally, when you play online slots, look for a machine with an RTP of 96.5% or higher. If you find out it’s above 98%, that’s even better.

The reason why RTP matters so much when it comes to online slots is that it has a huge influence on how much money you win. For example, if an online slot has an RTP of 98% and you bet $1, this means you can expect to receive $0.98 back. Of course, if luck is on your side, you’ll win a lot more.

It’s also important to highlight that online slots are very beginner-friendly. They require zero skill, as everything is based on luck. All you need to do is place your bet, hit SPIN, and hope that the slot symbols land in your favor.

Video Poker

Video poker odds are some of the best in the industry. This is why casino “high rollers” (special members who usually bet huge amounts of money) tend to play video poker more than any other online casino game. Just recently, a player at Caesars Palace casino won $1 million after spending hours on a video poker machine, which is pretty impressive.

The aim of video poker is easy: to make the best 5-card hand possible. The better your hand, the more money you’ll win back. Before you play video poker, though, make sure to scrub up on your knowledge of all the poker hands so that you can play with more confidence.

Online Baccarat

Like online slots, online Baccarat is known for being easy to win.

At the start of each online Baccarat game, you and the other players must decide which hand you think is going to win:

  • The Banker’s hand
  • The Player’s hand (the Player’s hand represents everybody at the table.)

There’s also the option to bet on a tie, which some players often opt to do.

Whichever hand is closest to 9 wins—simple. If you bet on the player’s hand, you can generally expect to win double your wager. And if you bet on the banker’s hand, it’s around 95% of your wager.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is just like real-life blackjack.

As always, the aim is to try and defeat the dealer by getting a hand total as close to 21 as possible. However, if you go above 21, you’re automatically “busted” and lose the game.

One of the best tips when it comes to online blackjack is this: “stand” if you have a hand of 17 or higher. This is because the odds of you going “bust” are high if you decide to take another card. Plus, a hand of 17 or higher is likely to beat the dealer, so you can “stand” with peace of mind most of the time.

Good luck, and remember to always gamble responsibly.

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