When you start a business in India, you have to face many assuming reactions like this. Starting a business is an exciting journey, but let’s face it, it comes with its fair share of funny moments. Here are the top 10 funniest responses you might encounter when you embark on your entrepreneurial adventure:

1) An Indian family member is always against the business.

When someone in your Indian family is against your business, it means they don’t believe it will work. It’s like they’re saying, “I don’t think this business idea is a good one.”

2) Your friends circle always finds out the lack of point in your business idea

If your friends find a lack of point in your business idea, it means they don’t see the value or purpose in what you’re trying to do. They might say, “I don’t get why your business would succeed.”

3) Financial problem? big Q(I have no money papa se baat krlo)

Facing financial problems and considering talking to your dad about it suggests that money is tight. You might be thinking, “I don’t have enough money; maybe Dad can help.”

4) Business idea(bhai dekh lai mujhe nahi lgta ye chalne wala hai).

When someone says, “Bhai, dekh lai mujhe nahi lagta ye chalne wala hai,” they’re expressing doubt about the feasibility of your business idea. It translates to “Bro, I don’t think this business will work.”

5) Lack of experience(Daddy-beta job karlo abhi baad maid dekhna ye business vusiness)

If your family advises you to get a job first and then think about a business, it means they believe you need more experience. They might say, “Son, work a job first, and then consider a business. It’s not that easy.”

6) No moral support(family as well as relatives).

When you have no moral support from family and relatives, it means they’re not encouraging you in your business venture. They might not be saying, “We believe in you.”

7) Same Dialogue Hear again 2 (business chalana itna aasan nahi hota).

Hearing that “running a business isn’t that easy” implies that someone thinks you might be underestimating the difficulties involved in entrepreneurship.

8) Go for a job that is a better option(family suggestion).

If your family suggests that going for a job is a better option, they’re recommending a more stable and conventional path for you. They might say, “Getting a job is a safer choice.”

9) Daddy dialogue(beta abhi tm bache ho ye itna aasan nahi jitna lgta hai apko).

When your dad says, “Beta, abhi tum bacche ho, ye itna aasan nahi jitna lagta hai,” he’s cautioning you that running a business is not as easy as it seems, especially at a young age.

10) Tu pagal ho gya kya (Rocket Singh Na ban)?.

When someone asks, “Tu pagal ho gya kya (Rocket Singh Na ban)?,” they are questioning your sanity, comparing you to a character who started a business in the movie “Rocket Singh.” It’s like saying, “Are you crazy? Don’t be like Rocket Singh.”

11) And your reaction bhai kuch bhi ho jaye mje to business hi karna hai bs.

Your reaction to wanting to do business no matter what indicates your strong determination. It’s like saying, “No matter what happens, I’m going to start this business.”

12) Friends …lol?.

When your friends say, “Friends…lol?,” they might be making light of your business dreams, suggesting that they find it amusing.

13) I10 chala lai audi ke sapne na dekh(business karega ye)

If someone advises you to drive an i10 instead of dreaming about an Audi, they’re implying that your business aspirations might be too ambitious.

14) U always inspire movies like Baadmash Company and Rocket Singh.

Expressing that your business aspirations are inspired by movies like “Badmaash Company” and “Rocket Singh” suggests that these films have influenced your entrepreneurial spirit.

15) A little bit of support from mom’s side.

The mention of “little bit support from mom side” indicates that, despite challenges, your mom is offering some encouragement.

16) plzzzz……

The final “plzzzzzz……” suggests a plea for understanding or acceptance of your decision to pursue entrepreneurship despite the challenges and criticisms.

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