Have you ever been seeing someone? All the more things being what they are, have you ever been in a long separation relationship? I may be expressing the self-evident, yet Long Distance Relation can be to a great degree hard. What’s more, you know what the hardest part is? The snippet of takeoff, the first run through. It’s new and odd, on the grounds that till now you have been as one, and you realize that from this minute, you won’t be seeing your cherished one consistently. What’s more, as that minute achieves closer, the nervousness increments.

You reevaluate each other probability again and again in your mind, you mull over not leaving, but rather you realize that you need to go. What’s more, you can’t end it. Furthermore, it will survive. Since you adore one another.

This delightful short film by Avinash Kumar demonstrates that illogical minute when a couple in adoration sits to talk about their future course of the relationship, now that they’ll be on distinctive landmasses. It’s going to give all of you the feels.