Bollywood adores its glad endings. Raj and Simran swindled Kuljeet and Mandira Bedi, Rahul and Tina left Sajan Ji at the mandap before they could finish the “circles,” Mr India and Sridevi slaughtered Mogambo, Ajay Devgan and Nandini left Sameer down and out( (genuinely, is Bhai bound to remain a virgin?), and Sunny Deol and the hand-pump, all wound up living joyfully many.

Yet, what happens after? This diverting video by SnG Comedy demonstrates Bollywood’s most famous couples in couples’ directing years after their marriage.

What happened to some of the most iconic Bollywood Couples once ‘Happily Ever After’ ended? Our new video explores this struggle of these couples as they meet a therapist and share their woes, from DDLJ to Mr India.

So before you choose to stop a major Punjabi pretending so as to wed to spare the husband to be from a lion, turning into his companion, inspiring everybody on the lady’s side with lassi, horticultural produce, dairy animals chimes, and pigeon nourishing (where was this notwithstanding going?), consider whether you’re truly equipped for being hitched!