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What EVERY Girl Should Say To A Guy Who Stares At Her Boobs!

Sexual harassment is a tragic yet certain unavoidable truth for most Indian young ladies. Regardless of whether it’s your ‘roadside Romeo’ who sings vulgar tunes as you stroll past or the lascivious neighbor who’s a tad excessively intrigued by the length of your skirt, you’ve all most likely confronted provocation in some shape or the other basically by goodness of being conceived a lady. Us young ladies have turned out to be practically used to individuals offending us, staring at us, notwithstanding hailing or ambushing us as a result of our bodies, our sex. What’s more, it is sadder still when a culture of inappropriate behavior flourishes in the work environment as well. (As though it isn’t sufficiently awful that despite everything we’re battling to connect the compensation crevice amongst men and ladies.) However what happens when you at long last snap and choose to state nothing more will be tolerated? This short film by short film by Bombay Diaries recounts the narrative of precisely that minute – when a young lady (much like you or me) has had enough of her frightening associate’s conduct and chooses to give it back to him without mincing her words.

Powerful and inspiring, this short film written and directed by Sana Ahmad is a must watch for every Indian girl. And ‘Malai thodei na hai, sir, ki jab aapka mann chaha aapne chammach dubaya aur chaat liya’ is my new favouritest line in the whole world. Watch this now, ladies, and share it with as many people as you possibly can…

One Woman can make a difference…but together…we can ROCK THE WORLD!! Speak your Mind even if you Voice shakes. Let the voice be your’s!!!




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