Apprehension, fervor and desires, these are the things that characterize the first night after marriage. All things considered, the thread has some awesome responses for you, the encounters that people had on their first night after marriage. While some of them favored dozing and talking, there are some who stuffed for the special night and after that there are some who just pondered sex and remained confident.











“Now after all teasing and blushing we were in the bedroom. She was sweating even when the AC was cranked up. At that time, I could only say, “how are you sweating even when the AC is on”. She said, “because its a dabba ac”. We laughed. We talked. We made a deal do The Stuff when she is comfortable with it. We were tired with the ceremony lasting so long but enjoyed talking through the night. That was still one of the best feeling in the world, Getting to know your wife, noticing minor details in her expressions, what was funny to her/what was not, how she viewed the relatives. Actually that was the first time we really talked. That was also the first time I noticed that she was very talkative.”











Image Source: Unplash