When our daughter Emilia was born, we staged this photoshootthat made it look like our little baby could fly. The pictures went viral. That was 2 years ago. Our kids grew. At some point we realized that there is one thing our older son Lenny really loves doing. It is jumping from all sorts of furniture and pretending he can fly. Of course his little sister is no different! And so every day the kids try to do something risky at home. We’ve spent a lot of time explaining our children that they have no real wings and it’s dangerous to jump from any high furniture but of course they still keep forgetting.

One day we realized that we would say things like “Don’t do that!”, “You might hurt yourself!”, “That’s really dangerous” way too often. We were really tempted to let our kids do all those risky things without worrying that they might hurt themselves. And so we did it. We created a shoot where together with the kids, we were safely lying on our bed. The kids were having fun because it was a new adventure for them and we were really happy that they wanted to get involved in our project.

Emilia was really excited to see herself doing one hand handstand and Lenny said: “Daddy, look! I’m better than Ronaldo” when he saw his stunning overhead kick in the picture.

Sometimes it is enough to get a little bit creative to be able to do impossible things and make everyone happy!

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