Udta Punjabi released with a huge opening and it’s safe to say that the movie is a success. The ugly controversy that preceded the release actually went on to create the much needed hype about the critical issues the movie dealt with. However, following the HC verdict of releasing the movie without just one cut as opposed to the 89 cuts demanded by the CBFC, a sly turn of events saw the movie getting leaked online before it’s release and CBFC can’t help but face the fingers pointed at it.
CBFC chairman, Pahlaj Nihalani, who remained at the center of the controversy throughout, is now in the hot-seat, facing questions that directly suggests his involvement in the spineless act of leaking the movie online, having lost the legal battle. Watch this this video uploaded by India Today, where Karan Thapar frills Nihalani over the issue while he denies any such allegations made against him!

Some very strong claims have been made by the CBFC chief which might backfire if the truth unfolds against his favor.