Folks, raise your hands on the off chance that you have been in this specific situation. I have seen my own fellow companions (everlastingly alone) tossing everything aside to help maids in trouble. Be that as it may, the circumstance doesn’t end up being to support them they’re still… everlastingly alone.

In this video transferred by Shitty Ideas Trending, a fellow tries to offer a young lady at the expense of missing his some assistance with owning meeting in the workplace. Is his “assistance” truly constrained to that punctured tire?

What happens when you get a flat tyre and are running late for work? And what happens if you’re a GIRL and get a flat tyre! Watch how boys react in a situation like this. Being true to his DNA, Gaurav shows us the classic “boy” reaction, to a pretty girl with a flat tyre.

Chikki khayega? ?

P.S: Watch out for Chottu who says “Be fast. I have a considerable measure of work.