Traffic, pollution, diesel emissions and an excess of individuals on the streets. Remembering the above worries in Delhi, the administration chose to test the Odd-Even Equation, for 15 days, wherein vehicles with odd numbers can be utilized just on odd days, and vehicles with much number plates can be utilized on even days.

According to the new law proposed by the Delhi Govt, starting January, 2016 the private car owners in Delhi will be allowed to use their cars on alternate days as per their car’s registration number (even or odd).

‘Life in Odd & Even Delhi’ depicts the situations we all might come across, once the new traffic law in Delhi is practiced.

Presently we don’t know how well the thought may function (or fall flat), however we can clearly sit and theorize; simply like the folks at Broken Cameras Films did to figure out everything that could turn out badly with the arrangement for the normal man.