Known for its viral, tear-jerking commercials, Thai Life Insurance has done it again with its latest short film, that ponders over the meaning of “opportunity”.

The short starts off with a sharply dressed woman, Orm, who appears to be making an insurance deal. As she thanks her client for the opportunity, he muses, “How do you think opportunities arise?”

As the question sinks in, we are given a glimpse into the Orm’s successful life. Of course, we see that she works hard at her job, demonstrating ability, diligence, and attentiveness at work.

But her story takes a dark turn when we dig deeper into Orm’s past, one that was extremely harrowing and tumultuous.

We learn that our leading lady did not just work for opportunities—she created them, and now works to foster opportunities for others.

Opportunity is yet another emotional masterpiece from Thai Life Insurance, inspiring viewers to be like Orm, to beat the odds and adversities, and preserve a giving spirit to help others.

Watch the five-minute video below, and remember to have tissues at hand

[via Mashable]