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India, in the midst the whirlwind of issues, has wound up in a searing milieu of common savagery and despise. On the off chance that the daily papers are anything to pass by, the partitioning break between various belief systems is transforming individuals into satan himself and the numbers are unnerving. While the debates may continue for all of eternity, we got the red in our ledger long back.

Against all odds, there is still a man who believes in the glass half full theory. A Muslim who is not reluctant to ask… ask, in the event that he could break his Roza with his Hindu siblings in the blessed month of Ramadan. In a captivating video shared by AFLA TOON, Atif Anwar, a capable story-teller, chose to have confidence in the force of harmony when he took up a social test remaining at India Gate, blindfolded, with the intention to end his Roza with his Hindu siblings. While I could go ahead about the uplifting comments the demonstration reproduces, the consequence of the deed will disclose to all of you. Truth be told, the video has as of now gathered 1.4 Million perspectives which say a lot about the same. Try not to miss it for anything!