Not a lot of people know about the bizarre program that is held in Hyderabad during June for some years now. It is a program that is attended by thousand only to be force fed raw fish as a cure for asthma. It is called the “Prasadam” that is prepared by stuffing a herbal paste into the mouth of a the fish of Bathini Goud family.

Since the program started on June 8, 2016, 35,000 people have been fed with the “miracle drug” that can cure asthma.

It’s a quite an event with police setting up separate queues or women and the physically challenged so that everybody can come and get raw fish shoved down their throat without any hassle. The distribution of the strange concoction began on 8 am on Wednesday on the onset of monsoon, marking the beginning of Mrigasira Karthi. Check this video out by RT to see what’s going on.

Well, at least we have our own Sushi festival now.