Punjab is a country known for its diverse tastes. Lassi, the smell of fresh earth, bhangra, and mouth-watering food are everything that comes to mind when you speak about Punjab. And then there is wrestling.
Punjab’s love for wrestling is so deep that one of Punjab’s own children, Dalip Singh Rana, better known as The Great Khali, entered the international wrestling stage and made a commendable name for him. And he has since started an academy where he trains students in wrestling. But his students need to buckle up and practice all the more.

Recently, when cricketer Harbhajan Singh met with Khali, the former decided to take on one of the students of the latter. And it seems that the hand that spins the ball, wins the fight also. Check out this video by one news which shows the very short fight.

I’ve got to say, them Punjabis have the cojones!