Terrorism is not another idea. Furthermore, 9/11, 26/11 and 13/11 may be the dates that got the most consideration, however these aren’t the main.

This stunning video by Milan R. Vuckovic demonstrates a period slip of all terrorist assaults with more than 20 fatalities somewhere around 1.12.2000 and 13.11.2015. In any case, one thing’s without a doubt: ever, terrorism has never won.

A time-lapse of all terrorist attacks with MORE than 20 fatalities between 1.12.2000 and 13.11.2015 by www.milanvuckovic.com

START terrorism database “GTD” (2000-2014)
Various News Agencies (2015)

Important Note: due to the large amount of data used, there are likely to be mistakes (exact chronology, location, casualties etc.). This video should serve as an approximation. (Especcially in the messy parts.)
Typical error would be: GTD had sometimes the “at least” casualties in the database. Istanbul Bombings of 2003 are not present on the map because of this. I also used different definitions of terrorism regarding the area and time of attacks.

About the copy at the end:
Historians debate about weather terrorist groups are destined to fail or not. Some say that authentic terrorist organizations achieve partial goals only. Many regard John Brown (approx. 150 years ago) as the most successful terrorist till this day – But you might read the essays: “How Successful Is Terrorism?” (James M. Lutz and Brenda J. Lutz) and “Why Terrorism Does Not Work” (M. Abrahms) and you will find out what this message is exactly about: Deterring potential future terrorism by education.