What is the greatest achievement one can have in his or her lifetime?

Don’t start saying cliched things like higher degrees, decent jobs, or hefty bank balances. Not even abstract things like happiness, peace, confidence, self-esteem, etc. Yeah, these things matter in this modern society, but something utmost, if not the only thing, necessary since the beginning of time is health, the invaluable resource you casually ignore.

A recent article reports average US citizens spend 6 hours per day sitting (4 hours greater than before the pandemic), which triggers the factors causing Diabetes mellitus, heart disease, obesity, and more.

Experts say even 15 minutes of exercise daily can add up to five extra years to your lifetime! So how good does that sound?

Who needs to exercise more? And what sorts of exercise should be done?

All of us need it.

But people who belong to the advanced age group require it more because, after 50 years of age, the risks for various diseases (particularly the lifestyle disorders mentioned above) skyrocket. Regular brisk exercise can help older individuals fight the risk factors successfully.

6 Effective home workouts for elders to stay fit and healthy

When talking about home workouts for elderly persons, we would like to stay in the realms of Cardiovascular exercises, a training regimen that helps to fasten the heart rate and respiratory rate alike to increase the overall metabolism. These exercises are really good because you don’t need many sophisticated instruments.

Cardio exercises help to get the blood pumping and also large muscle groups of the body to contract. Examples of cardio can be:


Swimming is a whole-body exercise involving all the body’s muscle groups, including your heart and lungs. Regular swimming, even for half an hour, can help enhance your lung capacity, keep your heart healthy, and keep your joints mobile. So get enrolled in the nearest swimming pool ASAP. It is fun.

Jogging and running

Brisk walking doesn’t always work, especially if you’re already suffering from increased cholesterol or diabetes, which is certainly common in this age group. Jogging regularly will help you overcome these issues and gain healthy blood levels. But stay cautious, don’t overdo anything. Consult your doctor if you have any serious heart diseases before running. But don’t worry, running in a regulated manner is good for your heart.

Aerobics and Yoga

This is the easiest of all the easygoing cardio exercises. Aerobics is what we all know as freehand exercises. You can even start right now while reading this article. Stand up and start to hop or move your waist in a circular motion. That’s it. Simple and relaxing yogic exercises are another great outlet to relieve your stress through controlled breathing and minimal muscle movements. Yoga is getting more popular every day.

Treadmill exercises

What to do if you’re too busy to sign up for a yoga class or lack the energy to run? What to do if you wish to stay fit but not with making compromises with your career? Well, a treadmill is the best option for people like you. Running, jogging, or even freehand exercises can be done if you know how to utilize them properly. And basic treadmills are not very expensive. Nowadays, there are smart panel-controlled models as well.

Buy a treadmill today only; it’s a great way to exercise daily and stay fit for extremely busy people like you.

Soccer and volleyball etc.

These two might not be the right choice for everyone, but if you’re fit enough, team games that require heavy physical labor can be good for you, especially if you have a group of like-minded friends to play with.


Cycling is another fabulous cardio exercise that requires no introduction. Cycling helps keep knee, hip, waist, and ankle joints strong (osteoarthritis’s most commonly affected ones). It is also proven to have effective roles in enhancing vital capacity.

Are there any benefits of doing cardio?

Most experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of brisk cardio activity( like walking or jogging) or 75 minutes of intense cardio exercise ( soccer, swimming, etc.) each week to stay fit. But why? For weight loss only? No, that’s something we all know already. So let’s find out the others.

  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Controls asthma symptoms
  3. Improves cardiovascular health
  4. Reduces chronic pain
  5. Regulates blood sugar
  6. Cures insomnia 
  7. Immunogenic properties.
  8. Mood upliftment
  9. Reduces falls and fractures in old
  10. Improves brain power

So it’s evident that cardiovascular exercises have unimaginable potential in fighting almost every common disease we may imagine. And it’s very easy, affordable, and approachable. Anyone who wants to do it can start immediately.

It’s never late. Now you know the stakes, just start it. Not tomorrow, not next Sunday.

Don’t do this to impress your family, friends, or colleagues.

Do it for yourself. In this age, this is the best investment you can ever make!

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