Have you ever experienced an instance where you find your own joke so funny that you are laughing hysterically and others around you laugh just because they think you are crazy?

Candace Payne, a woman from Texas had the same moment when she uploaded a video of herself in a Chewbacca mask… and she found it so funny, she went into hysterical laughter.

And the internet went crazy looking at her laugh at herself in the mask. So much so, that the video not only gained more than 100 million views in just about a day, but Bespoke Comic Strips even made a comic strip on her.


And you know the craziest part? The site where she purchased the mask, was so overwhelmed with their rise in sales due to Candace that they decided to give her a little something as a thank you gesture.

And eventually the entire stock was sold out


Best day ever for both Candace and Kohl’s right? With views like these on the video and the mask getting sold out, we sure as hell hope so.

Oh, the little joys of life. Thank you, Candace! ?

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