Anybody who’s ever worked in retail will no doubt have a few funny stories to tell about difficult, annoying, or downright weird customers. But chances are that few of those stories will be as weird – or as gross – as these tales from an anonymous Victoria’s Secret employee.
The list, which was shared on Imgur by a user called zebracakes210, reveals the sorts of secrets that Victoria doesn’t want you to know about. From awkward encounters and suspiciously stained underwear to creepy customers asking the shop assistants to model the lingerie for them, these stories are sure to make you think twice the next time you complain about your job. Don’t forget to vote for the best!


This happens on a weekly basis. We have to fold all of the panties in the drawers every day before we close and I find some kind of fluid on panties almost every time I have to fold them. It’s truly disgusting. That is why we have the try on panties people!



I really hate it when people try to abuse our return policy. And this is one of the worst examples. This lady came in with three bras that she insisted didn’t fit. They were obviously worn and she couldn’t tell us really what about them didn’t fit. She was giving us a lot of grief so the store manager just told her that we could give her store credit if she didn’t want to exchange because she didn’t have a receipt either. As soon as we turned around to damage them out, we saw that big wet spots in the cups. She had lactated in them.



I don’t know what to say about this guy but he was in every single week buying stuff for a different girl. He spent thousands of dollars a month on these women. I’m not here to judge I just had never seen something like that before and it was a little astonishing to me. I’d say he was in his sixties. He was a very nice gentleman but not at all discreet about his recreational activities.



Let me start off by saying I have seen so many old lady boobs it doesn’t even faze me anymore. But that doesn’t mean I want to. So one day this 85ish year old man brings in his wife as a nice gesture and tells me he wants me to help her pick out whatever she would like starting with some new bras. I offer to fit her and as I turn around to take her back to the fitting rooms I hear her struggling, and I look back and see her stripping in the middle of the store. It was really hard for me to keep my composure and not make her feel bad for doing that.



I’ve never had something like this happen to me I was talking to the assistant manager (she was so gorgeous so this doesn’t really surprise me) and we were sharing customer stories and she told me that one time this creepy guy came in and asked for help picking out something for his SO. He asked her what she would buy which is what creeped her out in the first place, but then he proceeded to ask her to go in the fitting room and try it on for him. And it was some pretty racy lingerie. Needless to say she shut him down.



The image says it all. I had to go ask her to return to her fitting room and I would get her anything else she needed if she wasn’t ready to change yet. I had a few moms complain to me (I was a supervisor at this time).



I remember this very clearly because it was horrible. This woman was at the cash wrap for at least 30 minutes having us look up everything she could think of online which takes time. It was busy, so I was ready for her to leave so I could have my employee back and we could get to other customers. The kid next to her is complaining the whole time about leaving and not feeling good. Instead of rushing, she tells him to stuff it and be patient. A few minutes later I hear gagging and gasps. I run into the other room and see that he had spewed vomit all over the counter and the floor. It was chunky. Then instead of apologizing and offering to help, she turns around and leaves.



I can not make this up. Literal trays of fried chicken. It smelled so bad. It was about 8:45 (we close at 9pm) and these women and their children come into the store being loud and obnoxious and proceed to lean over onto our panty table as if it was their kitchen counter and tear into the fried chicken getting grease and chicken bits all over the panties. I had to damage out about $200 worth of them because of grease stains and smell. Meanwhile the kids were roughhousing and knocking over displays and clothes and running on them. This is the closest I ever was to kicking someone out of the store.



At the store I’m at now, this guy came in and wanted to apply for the credit card. It’s rare that someone just asks to do that, usually we have to talk to people about it a bit and tell them the benefits. He hands over an ID and it is OBVIOUSLY fake. Like laminated on a business card fake. We pretended to take his information and call to get it authorized but really we just told the credit people that it was fake and to send a declination letter.



I worked in a rough part of town where we got a lot of people on drugs or drunk on at least a daily basis. I was originally tipped off about how sketchy this woman was because security literally followed her into the store. I was a supervisor at this point so it was me and one other employee who was straightening as we were about to close for the night. She was literally shaking and shrieking and whispering profanities the entire time I was helping her and when she bent down to get her size out of a drawer I saw baggies of meth and cocaine. She knew I had seen it because she looked at me and shut her purse quickly and all but ran to the cash wrap to get out of the store as soon as she could.