Being differently abled is not a bane. It’s just how it is. We’re always taught to aid such people and always respect them. However, we lose our values over time and end up humiliating them. 2 Uber drivers did the same when they disallowed a Delhi woman to keep her wheelchair beside her because of lack of carrier. The repeated harassment was more than she could bear and thus she vent out on Facebook. Read it here!

Dear Uber
This post has been long overdue!
I’m Preeti Singh, a loyal Uber customer who happens to be a person with disability. So I’m a wheelchair user apparently.
Talking about the recent event I used your services twice yesterday(You can get the details from my account, I’ll share the details once I’m contacted), both the drivers weren’t happy about keeping the wheelchair in their cars. During my trip back home, I really felt humiliated and insulted when the driver kept saying ‘my car’s gonna get ruined’. I’m a very positive person but I did loose it a little. As I reached my destination I called my brother to clean his car with a cloth just so he never says that again to anyone.
Honestly, this is not a new issue and I’ve tried complaining/suggesting about this issue in my earlier emails.
In Delhi, CNG cars are a compulsion(mostly) but such is not the case with carriers.There is no place in the boots, there are no carriers and the drivers don’t want to keep it on the seats! Even when they do most of the times it comes as a favour or such way they make me feel about it!
Be it UberGo or UberX(not even considering POOL here), the issue is the same.
I pay for your services, no ones doing any charity than why is it that I still have to feel this way just because I’m a wheelchair user. Always praying that the driver doesn’t create a fuss about it. Of course I’m going to go with my wheelchair, nobody asks anyone to keep their legs behind when travelling in a cab, why me?
Uber does provide the best service and I’m not saying that every driver is the same but there should be a system to avoid such issues!
-I cant even blame any cab driver when they’re not trained in this regards.
-In your “accessibility” section there is no way I can mention I’m a wheelchair user.
– You guys discontinued your temporary project UberAssist.
Things you could do-
1. Training their drivers
2. Upgrading your accessibility section so that its not just there merely for the beautification
3. Ensuring boot/carriers in the cabs sent to such clients to enable them to keep their wheelchair
4. Never let their customer feel humiliated for being who they are!
5. Stop saying that my feedback is valuable, when you do nothing about it!
This was my last trip with Uber, I hope no one feels this way ever so I’ll be posting this both-on my personal profile as well as your official page!
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