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These are the 15 types of alcoholics everyone meets.

There are so many types of people we meet everyday and then the people we meet at different pubs, clubs, bars and various discos are a whole different story. We have listed a few ‘Types’ of people you are sure to encounter while drinking. So, here are a few ‘Types of Alcoholics’:-

1. The Social-

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This one fellow can be the quietest person in the group but as soon as some alcohol wastes down their throat, they undergo some supernova transformation and make it their life mission to interact with everyone present within 30 meter radius of them. They get obnoxiously annoying and badger people to talk to them.

2. The Happy-Go Lucky-

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This person is the happiest fellow as soon as you provide them with alcohol. They will start to emit super sonic happy vibes while drunk and the simplest things like someone calling their name, will make them happy.

3. The Adventurous –

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Now, this chap might be very shy and reserved on most days but as soon as some alcohol reaches their stomach they turn into the most adventurous person you will ever meet. It may be 3 in the morning and this adventurous drunk person will be ready to break into a jail or go skinny dipping or ready to conquer the world with a stick but the fun part is, it is pure amusement watching these adventurous drunk people.

4. The Illogical-

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This category of people are the most comical to watch while drunk. This person will ask the most illogical and stupid questions like ‘Why is the sun called the sun?’ or ‘Why am i not a cat?.”and stuff like that and you are sure to have the most hilarious time with them.

5. The Casual-

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This person just drinks to be a part of the group and believes in the principle of ‘one drink cannot harm anyone.’ This person remembers all the conversations that take place very well, and sometimes can cause a big problem when they starts to re-tell the ‘drunk tales.’

6.The Lovey-Dovey-

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While we have experienced a lot of drunk people, there is always this one fellow who turns into the most loving person as soon as alcohol enters their system. Their affection is shown by hugs, kisses and numerous ‘I love you’s’ said in loud, clumsy voice to the people sitting with them.

7. The depressed-

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This is the most common type of Alcoholic you will find. This person just sits in a corner and drinks their sorrows away. You can tell by looking at their faces that they just went through a break-up or some other kind of tragedy and they are just here to forget their problems. This person sits in the most isolated corners in a bar and downs drinks like a pro and later usually irks everyone with their sob story.

8. The Candor-

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Although we can all agree upon the fact that we all are more honest than usual after downing a few drinks but this one particular category of people are the most honest drunks you will ever meet. This person will spill all the secrets from account numbers to passwords to the fact that they have a crush on you, ask them anything and be their guest.

9. The Emotional-

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This person cries their eyes out about every possible thing on this planet right from ‘my boyfriend left me’ to ‘I couldn’t pet that dog today.’ It’s like drinking reminds them of all the problems in the world and alcohol provides them with tears and so they cry and whine about everything.

10.The Choosy-

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This fellow is very choosy and picky when it comes to the type of drink or the brand that they would drink. It’s like they can’t adjust to any other drink. They are quite snobbish and pass god awful comments when they find someone else drinking any other kind of alcohol.

11. The Bored-

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Now, this individual only enters the bar because he/she has nothing better to do. We don’t see them drinking unless they ran out of things to do and they just have a drink or two and leave casually.

12. The Week-ender-

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This is the fellow who works like a maniac on week days and then on the weekends he/she is ALWAYS, without fail, found in a bar drinking leisurely. This is their way of enjoying the weekend and no one can stop them rather everyone knows where to find this person, if ever needed on weekends.

13. The “Today is a Tuesday”-

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This one chap is highly annoying. We don’t know if he/she is being a miser or do they really believe in certain traditions but they will ruin everyone’s day by telling everyone around them to not drink because it’s a Tuesday. This fellow is similar to those hard core meat lover who says “I eat vegetarian food on Tuesdays and Saturdays!”

14. The Uncontrollable-

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This person, once drunk losses all senses of reason and logic and has no control over themselves or over what they are doing. This person is uncontrollable and usually passes out very quickly and needs to be driven home, where they will most likely puke in your car.

15. The Party Animal-

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This fella just drinks to get their party hat on and get into the party mood. They are harmless and just wants to dance, sing loudly and party till their body gives out. These are usually the type who get cheered on and challenged into a drinking match.

So, after knowing the categories let us know in the comment section which one of these is you.



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