Naveen likes Manvi, Manvi feels this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about Naveen, random guitar-guy tries to catch Manvi’s attention, Naveen gets help from a “Love Guru”, who gets help from his best buddy and together they help out their new buddy, Navin. Phew!

Afterall, what are best friends for? They’re just a call or text away, whatever be the need: breakups, hookups, cleanups (after party), gyaan, gossip and everything in between. Bringing Kanan Gill, Raftaar and TVF in one video to launch its youth-centric Vodafone U packs, specially designed for people like U and I, is an awesome move. Well played, Vodafone. ?

So now Kanan can easily call Raftaar at 20p/min, Raftaar can easily message back by taking 60 MB data loan and Naveen can form a ‘3 Buddy Lifeline’ with Manvi and Kanan.

Sounds about perfect!

Watch and learn, guys. Watch and learn. ?

This story is brought to you in association with Vodafone