If there is anything more exciting to online gamers than enjoying their favorite casino games from wherever they may be, it is finding games that are based on other things they like. That said, no other genre of casino games draws inspiration from other types of entertainment than pokies.

Just about everyone watches a television show of some kind. They are fun and given their long runs, viewers have lots of time to build connections with the characters. Thanks to the huge following that the shows have, it has been easy to adapt them to other mediums. Finding online pokies in Australia is quite easy according to research led by onlinepokies4u.com, and players are always assured of finding some that are based on popular TV shows.

There are lots of TV-themed online pokies on the top gaming sites. If you are a newbie or are having trouble choosing between them, this guide is for you. Here are some of the best TV-themed online pokies to try out in 2022:

Deal Or No Deal

For people who got to watch this show, we can all agree that it has had a lasting impact. In addition to being considered one of the world’s most popular TV game shows, it has also been the most adapted ever. The concept of the game was quite straightforward – all players need to do was have a little patience and hope that the odds would be in their favor. The online pokies game brings back a lot of that nostalgia. To begin with, the official sign of the TV game show acts as the pokies’ wild symbol. Other symbols such as the black phone are also picked right from the game show. To make it even better, the five-reel game with 20 pay lines has generous bonuses and is connected to massive progressive jackpots. As such, just like in the game show, lucky players can walk away with life-changing winnings.

Game Of Thrones

Throughout its run, Game of Thrones gained a cult following among television audiences. This did not come as surprise at all. It had a captivating storyline, the visuals were amazing and who could forget the incredible performances by its star-studded cast? Lots of people still watch reruns of the show just to get a feel of that.

If you are a gamer, a great way of keeping the spirit of the show alive is by trying out Microgaming’s Game of Thrones pokies. As you get started expect to be welcomed by the show’s iconic theme song and familiar symbols. With 15 pay lines and a whopping 243 ways to win, the Game of Thrones online pokies is all about delivering a memorable experience. Players also get more chances of winning thanks to the included free spins, stacked symbols, and the multiplier combo.


Pablo Escobar’s escapades and his run-ins with the DEA back in the 70s are portrayed beautifully in this highly-acclaimed TV show. Narcos is a captivating story of crime, drugs and so many other things. All these turned it into a memorable adventure that appeals to many people especially those interested in stories based on real-world events.

NetEnt’s Narcos pokies game takes the excitement of the drug underworld to a whole new level. All the iconic characters of the show are present alongside a host of bonus features. These include sticky wilds and a gold wild that unlocks random prizes. It further players a total of 243 ways to win which is quite good considering that it is a medium volatility pokies game.


Vikings is an epic story that follows memorable characters as they navigate their environments and the challenges that come with them. It has one of the most fleshed-out storylines in addition to top-notch visuals and an amazing soundtrack. The battles are also so engaging thus delivering an extra layer of excitement to viewers.

The Vikings pokies game gives gamers who loved the show a chance to dive into all that fun in a more immersive way. They get to interact with the characters as they go out to raid for loot and treasure. Getting those prizes can be a tad bit hard as this is a medium to high volatility game. However, the three bonus features are there to give push you closer to a win. There are also free spins to spice things up further.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This is one of the other TV game shows that gained a lot of popularity all over the world. It is still largely considered to be a classic. Being a quiz show, it was much easier to follow than other shows. Viewers got to be part of the action and stay engaged by trying to answer the questions.

With the Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Megaways pokies, players get to experience it differently. You get to immerse yourself in this six-reel game with tons of amazing features. The most notable is the bonuses as well as progressive jackpot which sets you up for huge wins should you land a lucky combination.