Tumbbad, named after a coastal village in Maharashtra where it rains throughout the year, is a lot of things, all at once. Director Rahi Anil Barve’s Tumbbad, which has a greater number of secrets than people, is an extraordinary blend of horror, drama and folktales. Its lead Vinayak (Sohum Shah) is proudly greedy yet inconceivably valiant. In the beginning of the 1900s, he needed to leave his village where his family — mother and a sibling — put up with a lady who is tied and terrified of Hastar. One day, after the death of the sibling, they leave the village, yet Vinayak returns after two or three decades to discover a fortune that is shrouded some place in the old fort of the village.

The film takes an entirely unexpected turn once it builds up the fundamental set-up of lavish green fields, tall trees and wet streets. The makers of the film appear to know what they need from Tumbbad — a place with beguiling magnificence and supernatural agencies. They allure, draw in and egg you on to the womb of Mother Nature.
Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar makes a universe of red beasts, melancholy environment and yellow-tinged long shots, bringing you straight into the mouth of horrific creatures. It’s Pankaj who has given Sohum Shah the grand world he so greatly works in.

Be that as it may, Tumbbad has more misrepresentation than substance. It is divided into three sections which don’t generally add anything to the natural progression of Sohum’s Vinayak. His acting potrays the details better. There are also endeavors to make Tumbbad resemble a social commentary. Scenes composed around the Indian freedom seem like bits of hindsight, simply added to give the film a ‘genuine’ vibe. Tragically, they don’t stick and Tumbbad basically remains a story of Vinayak’s pursuits.

In any case, that doesn’t take away Tumbbad’s accomplishments. The film is fascinating, some of the times even ridiculous, yet you’ll skim through its 104-minute duration. Tumbbad’s greatest achievement is that it doesn’t limit to any prevalent genre. It offers something new and that’s more than enough.

Here’s the Official Trailer Of Tumbbad-

The movie was released on 12th October and has been gaining a lot of popularity among the fans.