Movies make for a great entertainment. When people watch movies, they feel a sense of entertainment which is a good break from normal television viewing. Also, through watching the latest movies you can get in with the trends going on. Also, it would feel nice to watch a movie to get yourself relaxed away from the outside world for the mean time. A lot of people like to watch movies because of the entertainment it brings. If before, one has to fall in line in the cinemas just to get movie tickets, it now has been made easy for us. You can now go and book movie tickets online, at the comfort of your homes. Here are some of the best online movie ticket sites you should take note of.

1. Bookmyshow

This is probably the most popular ticketing websites in India. Bookmyshow Mobikwik offers a convenient way to moviegoers by letting people book tickets online. It has a clean looking website which makes it easy for people to navigate around to see what movies they want to watch. In Bookmyshow ticket is available as fast as you want to get it because of the smooth transaction. Also, there is Bookmyshow credit/debit card offers through CouponDekho, which lets you pay through card transaction as easy as it can get.

2. Big Cinemas

Big Cinemas is also one of the most famous ticketing websites in India because it is not only available in India, but also in other countries as well. Just select your city on their website to see what the movies you can watch are as you go through the website profile. Furthermore, there are contests and offers to join too if you want.

3. TicketPlease

TicketPlease is also a great ticketing website, especially that it also caters to moviegoers in and out of India. Aside from movies, you can also book a ticket to go to theater shows or other events. Just select the movie and showing the date that you want to go to and then you can see what other things you might want to see on their upcoming events sidebar. What makes it great too is that they offer you movies you might be interested in, as you view their website.

4. BookMyEvent

BookMyEvent is definitely on the list because of the many events it has to offer to people, not just in the movies. With their clean and user- friendly websites, you can definitely find what event you are looking for. This will help you in your good movie search that you want to see on your free time, or whenever you want to go and see one.

5. Ticket Counters

Ticket Counters is also a great choice of a website or movie ticketing. Aside from the movies, you can also use this to buy travel tickets, sports tickets, concerts, or anything you would like to get tickets from. Ticket Counter offers you its website to see what other details you need to know when it comes to booking your tickets.

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