Remote Access Software
Remote Access Software

Do you need to work from home on your office computer? Help a friend install a program on his PC or laptop? Or try playing National Casino games with another gambler? In both cases, you can’t do without remote computer management software. Here are 5 great options.

How Remote Access Works

The remote access requires a special program which is installed on the client device and the server device. The client is the gadget you are using at the moment. The server is the computer you want to connect to.

To gain remote access, both devices need to be turned on and connected to the Internet. First, you start the program on the server and set up access to it via a username/password or a pin code. Then you activate access in the client program, which takes control of the remote computer – you see its screen and can do most normal operations.

Obviously, you need to think about setting up the server in advance. If the need for access to the PC appeared suddenly, and you are at home, then you cannot cope with the task without outside help.

Through remote access, you can work with programs on another computer, open and copy files, and watch videos. The screen of your gadget displays all the information that would be displayed on the screen of a remote device.


AnyDesk is available for free for private use. You can download the program from the official website, and it’s compatible with all popular operating systems. You can even install an Android or iOS app to control your computer via your smartphone.

To work with AnyDesk, you need to preset it on both devices. First, put the program on the device that you will need to access later. Assign a password and user rights. To do this, click the drop-down menu and select “Change Access Password”.

With AnyDesk you can not only control programs on the screen of the second device but also exchange files with it (copy files from that PC to this one or vice versa).

You can use chat between the two devices in AnyDesk. This can come in handy if, for example, you are installing a program on your friend’s PC and need to give him some instructions.

Through the free version of AnyDesk, you cannot take screenshots on a remote PC, reboot it, or send documents to a printer. These options are only available in the commercial version.


Ammyy is a classic of the genre: a simple, reliable remote access program for Windows.

The peculiarity of the program is that it can work even without installation – you can even insert a flash drive and run the file from it. And if you copy the file from the flash drive to your computer, that will also be enough to work.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a web app for Chrome browsers. You can use it on several operating systems, including Android and iOS.

To use Remote Desktop, both computers must be connected to the same Google account. First, set up the extension on the computer you want to access. To do this, you must enter the name of the PC and a six-digit pin code.

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is free for private use. The program works on Windows and macOS. Setting up a connection between two PCs using Jump Desktop is almost the same as with its counterparts. You install the program on both devices and assign the same account. It can be your own Jump Desktop account as well as your Google or Apple account.

You don’t need to enter a password to connect to the server each time – the system remembers local user accounts. Jump Desktop supports fast file sharing as well as remote screen recording.


It’s an excellent universal solution for many tasks. For example, the app allows you not only to remotely manage your computer but also to control what is happening on other PCs. This is a very useful feature for educational institutions, offices, and enterprises because it is easy to see what exactly is going on on the computer you are controlling. There is even a parental control function that prohibits access to certain sites, as well as an online collaborative feature. Everything you need for remote technical support and distance learning.

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