#1 Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun_0

Talk about desserts and most definitely Gulab Jamun tops the list. This mouth-watering dessert is every Indian’s favourite. When served with rose syrup or vanilla gulab jamun certainly gives you orgasm.

#2 Castle Pudding


Strawberry Jam and pudding were made for each other and this dessert from England has a blend of both.People who have tried this exquisite dessert even skip meals to gulp this pudding.

#3 Fruit Salad Dessert


Not many people know that this dessert originated in Central Africa. The mandatory ingredient of this dessert happens to be watermelon. The fruits with served with cream is refreshing and instills a sense of happiness and joy everytime you have it.

#4 S’mores cake in a Jar.


Just look at this dessert. Doesn’t it make you hungry? Isn’t it appealing? This cake has got Chocolate cake, cream, and Vanilla ice cream.The sooner you taste it the happier you get. It’s time to give some pleasure to your taste buds.

#5 Butterfinger cookie dough cheesecake bars


Yum. Yummier. Yummiest. What do you want for dessert? Some cookies or maybe cheesecakes or butterfingers.How about all the three in a single dessert?. You heard that right. Butterfinger cookie dough cheesecake bars are my personal favorite. Time for you guys to get Hungry.

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