Currently, the rise of social networks is a great phenomenon that, it seems, is here to stay. Millions of people around the world use their Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts to share their personal lives, as well as to promote their software and companies. At this point, the time of vacations is also special, where people increasingly squeeze their creativity, and expose their travel experiences through images and videos. In fact, thousands of tourism influencers have become famous for sharing and recounting their most incredible trips. 

If you want to learn how to make videos of your trips to gain followers, here we tell you how to do it. Without a doubt, with your cell phone camera, a video editor and these tips, you can achieve a perfect video. 

Tips to make the best videos of your vacation

Unfold all your creativity

To create truly effective videos, it is important to look for innovative and creative ideas. Our video must tell a compelling story, and the images must be taken in an attractive way. Networks need content to be dynamic and fast, and attractive from the first moment. 

Create a script

Having a general idea before making the video is essential, and that is why it is important to make a script that guides the work. Thinking of the main idea will help you get on a safe path without losing focus or aim. Although the videos are not very long, they must tell something and provide new information, so it is important to be clear about what we want to show through them. 


The production of the video requires gathering the necessary elements that will appear in the video. This is, from setting up scenographies, getting costumes or different useful objects for the objective. In the case of vacations, landscapes and tourist places will be the best scenographies, although we must choose well which sites to show and know the reason for their choice. For example, if we show a historical site, we must first know the information about it well so that we can then provide it in the best way in the videos. This must be prepared in advance and without improvisation for the video to be perfect. 


The filming moment is really important. The images must be of excellent resolution and quality to be attractive at first glance. This is why it is important to consider the camera settings before any shooting. Remember that no video with pixelated or poor-quality images can be successful on online marketing, or social network. In addition, it is important to know how to shoot and avoid sudden camera movements, so it is recommended to practice before to know how to do it correctly. 


The moment of post-production is fundamental in the creation of a video. It is about bringing together all that we create and giving it the final touch. It is time to create transitions between images, add music, sounds and assemble all the elements so that it is finally one. At this time, the images take a single and homogeneous criterion, leading to the final result. Remember that the video must be attractive from the first second, and in this sense the editing must be dynamic from beginning to end. 

When editing is complete, the video is ready to share. The social network is the creator’s choice, although the ideal is to have the accounts synchronized and publish the video in all at the same time.