Online betting is an already developed source of income and recreation worldwide. This applies in India too, where there are a lot of players and markets to go on. India covers a significant percentage of online gamblers in Asia and worldwide.

There are some popular sports worldwide that almost all countries bet on. These include tennis, ice and field hockey, football, basketball, among other common sports. However, it is cricket that catches most people’s eyes in India. With cricket being the leading sport both in watching and gambling, football isn’t far off as well.

The common thing about all these sports in betting is that some joint tips apply all around. They can be used as a betting guide for Indian players. They may be seen as obvious tips, but they are crucial to succeed in online betting in India. They include:

  • Have a preferred sport

We have already established that there is a wide variety of sports to pick from in Indian online betting. Therefore, players may be tempted to combine different sports and try their luck by increasing their chances.

However, this is not always the case, as people assume. The odds are more likely to be in your favor if and when you focus entirely on one sport. There are many different reasons behind this thinking.

The major one is you are more likely to enjoy betting on a sport you enjoy watching. Researching, which is a crucial tip discussed below, is more fun if you are into the sport.

You are more likely to get bored and do shady work when researching a sport you don’t like or understand. The best way to go about it is to focus on a sport you know and enjoy, like cricket and football.

  • Know your bookmaker of choice

As the online betting world grows, the markets are broadening, and so are the bookmakers. They are commonly referred to as betting sites. There are thousands of gambling sites on the internet these days, especially in India, where online betting keeps growing.

Some sites combine all the popular sports and categorize them differently according to preferences. Others choose to focus on specific sports. All these are factors you should consider when picking a bookmaker.

You have to go for a bookmaker that takes care of you as a player. Find a site with good odds, offers attractive bonuses, and even is secure. While vetting a site, consider how long it has existed, whether it has an app, and forms of payment. Its longevity proves it is not a scam because if it were, then you would have heard of it.

The app offers an alternative way to bet. On the other hand, the forms of payment attest to the site’s ability to adapt.

  • Block your emotions when betting

Most players make a huge mistake in going into betting and gambling in general with emotions. While some people may encourage this, it is misleading because it will affect you adversely.

Emotions cloud our judgment and make us decide without considering all the facts. For instance, betting against your team which plays in the IPL or whichever league in whatever sport can be challenging. This is because it is naturally hard to think your team will lose.

The most affected people are football and basketball fans who are gamblers. They are die-hard fans who always believe in their teams even when odds are stacked against them.

 In such cases, you should try other markets, like the number of goals to be scored. If that is not good enough for a market, it is better not to bet at all when your team is playing.

  • Do some extensive research beforehand

As said earlier, research is one of the most essential yet overlooked tips one could offer. When people ignore researching about a match and bet on a team based on their thoughts, they often lose.

When you bet on a team just based on its reputation or previous matches, it mostly doesn’t work. More aspects of the markets have to be considered, like form, injuries, players available, etc.

Other than those crucial looking points, the bookmakers are another good reason to conduct your research. Some of them take advantage of the fact that people don’t take research seriously. They may end up making a close match look like a no-brainer and vice versa. When this happens, they are the real winners because the unexpected, in this case, happens.

  • Going big is not always the only way

You may have quoted some people talking about either going big or not at all. This is not a wrong message, and it just doesn’t apply everywhere, especially not in online gambling. Sometimes the safe way is the best way to go. Staying safe doesn’t necessarily mean betting a small amount. That applies as well, but there are other interpretations for betting safe.

A good instance is deciding against betting on many teams at once and instead betting on at most three. This mainly applies on days when there are some big matches, and you don’t know what will happen. If you are unsure of even one team, avoid it unless your stake is low and won’t bother you losing. The latter is never the case, though.

  • Always consider the underdog first

It may seem like the wrong advice because underdogs are underdogs for a reason. However, like mentioned above, sometimes they may just be underdogs on paper, but in reality, they stand a chance. This may be because of recent forms or other internal or external factors, like management.

Over the years, underdogs have overcome favourites in a shocking turn of events in many different sports. Always consider the underdog before writing them off.


These are the most essential tips besides the common tips of betting for the favourite, draws, and whatnot. This is a crucial topic of conversation on online betting since it can make you better at placing bets.

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